Thunder Roads EXPANDING

THUNDER ROADS MAGAZINE is expanding globally and we want YOU to be a part of it.

If you think you have what it takes to operate a proven and established name and turn it into a successful business for yourself in the motorcycle industry, we want to speak with you!!

Thunder Roads Magazine is searching for that "BALLS TO THE WALL" individual who's ready to make 2020 their year of independence from a blase' job working for someone else. . Life is meant to be lived to the fullest and that means often times outside of the box, otherwise, it's just a bunch of Tuesdays run together. Own your own Thunder Roads Magazine distributorship and you're the BOSS

Here is how it works. You purchase a geographic area from us to license Thunder Roads Magazine on your publication, that being a state we don't already have licensed, and you go out and sell ads, cover events, take pictures and promote your own state licensed edition of Thunder Roads Magazine. You do not have to know anything about layout and design, we do all that right here for you. We teach you everything that is needed to know about putting out your magazine, from how to get us what we need to design your ads and magazine, to complete and comprehensive tutorials on record keeping and invoicing. You'll learn all the inside lingo needed to discuss ad design, as well as printing terminology. There are a few things we look for; do you have someone who will be a hands on and enthused partner? We have found this just works better. Do you have a layman's knowledge about computers and software? You need to at least know the basics. DO YOU RIDE? This is mandatory. We don't care what you ride, only that you ride! We have also found it beneficial if you ever had any sales experience in any given field. ARE YOU A TEAM PLAYER? Thunder Roads Magazine has a large network of license State Editors/Owners of their own Thunder Roads Magazine, and we look at this network as an extended family. And, whereas some may require more attention, as in a blood family, they are still our family. We share ideas with one another and support one another as best we can. Does the corporate office stick their nose in you magazine business? NO. As long as you adhere to the contract and run your magazine with our trademarked name on it in a professional manner, we're behind you 100%, and will give you all the tools you need to succeed. (We look out for the best interest of ALL of our license owners and we will not let one state diminish the Thunder Roads Magazine name in any shape, form or way.)

Make this YOUR YEAR. Claim it. Do it. Get R' Done. You've been thinking about it.....just take that final leap of faith. It's proven and it is FUN!!

Hey....if ya' gotta work, at least enjoy what you're doing, and the people you do it with.

* Thunder Roads Magazine and Thunder Road is a registered trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and no use of its trademark is to be used in any way other than specified in the Contract with any particular State Editor/Owner or current licensed user.

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